What Should You Need for Summer Road Trip

For most of us, summer comes as a reminder of the proverbial ‘take a break.  Suddenly, the search begins for sandy beaches, forests, hill stations, savannahs, distant relatives…anywhere that allows us to get away from our daily grind.  Then followed our year-long cherished dream – the summer road trip!  The challenge?  Summertime!  More often than not, this much-anticipated picnic turns into a grueling road tour in the scorching heat.  However, some proper measures can prepare you for a more revitalizing cruise.

1. Plan ahead

Taking the road less traveled is definitely an adventure, but it is advisable to plan ahead how to travel.  In the current heat inflation scenario, your confidence can be eroded by the unforgiving heat out there.  Try to avoid afternoon driving and opt for early morning rides instead.  Your engine also stays cooler during transit, which provides better performance and riding pleasure.  If you are churning out a full number of kilometers, take short breaks to rest.

2. Vehicle Tune-up

Get your vehicle properly serviced on time.  Check the air conditioning, vehicle battery, tires, and other important components.  Carry that sun blocker or even jumper wires if your car decides to give you a hard time.  If your car/motorcycle battery runs out, replace it with a reputed brand like TATA Green Battery, so you have one less thing to worry about.

3. Pack Smart

If you’re riding, have your gear ready.  For traveling by car, here is a checklist – sunblock, sun hat, swimwear, beach towel, sunglasses, light clothing, aloe, water bottle, umbrella, and sun tan lotion.  Also, try to pack as light as possible.  However, if your vehicle is generous in space parameters, carry a cooler or beach chair.

4. Ride Hydrated

Remember, you will be dehydrated frequently.  Carry enough water to keep your head upright.  Have some homemade lemonade, fruit juice, and other healthy drinks that can help you beat the heat and ride comfortably for long distances.

5. Eat healthy food

Long journeys require concentration and endurance.  Just so you know, fried and fried things never gave anyone superhero powers.  Consuming fruits, vegetables, and summer foods will keep you cool internally and give you the necessary motivation, which is needed in the long run.

6. Know your region

There are many travel apps available today.  Look for one that alerts you to different areas given any adverse history.  Once you get the ‘good-to-go’ cue, move on.  Also, you don’t want to go miles on the road without a water source or help.

7. Save contacts

Opportunities come unannounced.  Well, not so tragic.  And you want to be ready when you spot one.  Keep your important contacts close at hand in case an unexpected situation arises.  Better yet, keep someone in the loop.  Nowadays, there are roadside assistance helplines that can be of great help in emergency situations.

8. Medical Kit

A medical kit is one of the most important things that you should always keep with you. Before going on a road trip, you should pack a bag full of bandages, antibacterial cream, pain
killers, motion sickness pills, and other important medicines.

9. Car Emergency Kit

This may sound boring or you may consider it useless, but it is the most important thing when you are out on a road trip. When you are stuck in an unknown far-off location without any authorized service center, the car manual kit will be the only one to save you.